20 Hikes to Celebrate 20 Years

People will care for the things they know.  The best way to get to know our landscape is to take a walk in it!  This is just one of the many valuable roles SWMLC preserves can offer to help support our region’s quality of life.
1.  Chipman Preserve:  Lupine are one of the highlights.                                                    
2.  Kesling Nature Preserve:  Spring wildflowers fade as the birds arrive.
3.  Topinabee Lake Preserve:  Watch ducks, herons, and songbirds paddle, wade, and flit.



4.  Spirit Springs Sanctuary:  Enjoy ducklings on the pond and dragonflies in the meadows.
5.  Glenn Allen Island:  Take binoculars along the bikeway to count heron nests.
6.  Hidden Pond Preserve:  Stroll through the prairie and up the hill to find the
hidden pond full of pollywogs.

7.  Wau-Ke-Na:  Meadows are in bloom.  Catch cool breezes from the lakeshore.
8.  Chipman Preserve:  Return to the trails in dappled shade of oak savannas while bluebirds and goldfinches sing.
9.  Coon Hollow Preserve:  Quietly walk down the trail to the edge of the marsh,
listening to the banjo-twang calls of green frogs, and maybe spy a stealthy heron stalking in the cattails.

10.  Jeptha Lake Fen:  Marvel at blazing stars and pitcher plants from the boardwalk.
11.  Black River Preserve:  Savor the dark, cool shadows of hemlocks along the
tributary creeks that wind their way to the river.

12.  Bow in the Clouds Preserve:  Stroll along the boardwalk through the marsh full of asters blooming in white, blue, and purple.
13.  Hickory Creek Preserve:  Watch for the first salmon making their fall run up the creek.
14.  Wau-Ke-Na:  Monarch butterflies have begun their migration south and are drawn to the meadows teeming with wildflowers.

15.  Hidden Marsh Sanctuary:  The Three Rivers Area Fall Color Tour on October 14 is a great excuse to visit this preserve along the Portage River.
16.  Black River Preserve:  Bugs have called it quits and, with over 50 species of trees, something will be in color.
17.  Kesling Nature Preserve:  Maples are turning the Galien River crimson.

18.  Sora Meadows:  Newly restored wetlands should be starting to fill in with water again after a couple of generations of farm and fallow management.
19.  Spirit Springs Sanctuary:  Look for ducks and cranes gathering in the wetlands on their way south.

20.  Chipman Preserve:  Dust off your cross-country skis and snow shoes, and explore the rolling hills on the north end of the preserve.