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Membership in SWMLC is a great investment in our future.  Please consider joining our organization so that SWMLC can continue to preserve wild and scenic places for today — and keep them healthy for tomorrow.  Your financial support will have a lasting impact on the extraordinary quality of life available to us in southwest Michigan. 


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Introducing our new membership levels!

We've renamed our Membership Levels to help draw attention to some of our threatened and endangered species in southwest Michigan, and restructured the benefits to ensure that they are meaningful to you, and provide a significant value for your support.

Membership Giving Levels:

Blue Green Society ($1000+ sustaining)

Mitchell's Satyr Butterfly ($1000+)

Eastern Massasauga Rattlesnake ($500+)

Cerulean Warbler ($250+)

Spotted Turtle ($100+)

Little Brown Bat* ($50+) *50% discount for students and seniors at Little Brown Bat level only


Business (Please contact us for suggested donations for organizations of your size)

Group/Club ($200+)



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