Blue Green Society

In 2010, the Southwest Michigan Land Conservancy created the Blue Green Society.  Its members distinguish themselves by the leadership-level commitment they make to support SWMLC's mission and thereby protect our precious land and water resources.  To that end, they have increased their commitment to the organization with a renewable annual gift of $1,000 or more.  We are grateful for their ongoing support.

The Arctica and Abbey Foundation
Ned and Neva Asplundh
Elizabeth King and Richard Atwell
Catherine and Dan Augenstein
Robert S. Baker
Frank D. Ballo
Mac and Susie Behnke
Chuck and Jan Benner
Carole S. Birch
Jim and Patti Birkes
Brian and Lori Bosgraaf
Sharon Boudeman
Sherwood and Sharon Boudeman
George and Pat Burgoyne
Mary Cary
Larry and Barbara Case
Patricia Chipman
Dave Coleman
Maggie Coleman
Shawn and Joanne Connors
Kalman and Becky Csia
Larry and Sharon Edris
Howard and Gussie Farris
Elisabeth R. French
John and Sharon Garside
Alfred and Jean Gemrich
Dana S. Getman
Florence F. Goodyear
Fred and Jeane Groos
Nick and Hanna Groos
Tom and Lisa Groos
Keto and Kathryn Gyekis
Susan Houseman and Curtis E. Hall
Bill and Pat Hanavan
Blake and Mary Jo Hawk
Larry and Noel Hayward
Larry and Jerrilyn Holcomb
Mary and Daniel Houser
Joel and Barbara Huber
Kensinger and Alice Jones
W. Jack and Nanette M. Keiser
Rob and Donna Keller
Kenneth and Marlena Kirton

George H. Lauff
Charles and Phyllis LaVene
Dave and Bridget Lemberg
Robert and Joyce Leppard
Timothy and Joy Light
Tom and Pam Mansager
Jerry and Betty Mason
Hugh and Connie Mehaffie
Philip Micklin
Verne and Cindy Mills
Russell and Cleora Mohney
Bob and Kay O'Boyle
Betty Lee Ongley
Michael and Cindy Ortega
Martha Parfet
Karen and Tim Pederson
Melanie Perry
Stan and Connie Rajnak
Joanne and Edward Rebek
Patrick Sage
Todd and Amy Sanford
Carol and Robert Scallan
Lawrence J. Sehy
Richard Shaw
Joel and Jennalie Shepherd
Steve Tomashefsky and Rebecca Sive
Mark Smith
Tom and Nancy Springer
Lynn and Mike Steil
Peter D. Ter Louw
Paul and Che Shen Tomich
Maren and Christopher Uggen
Bo and Mel Van Peenan
Dave and Janice Varney
Bradley and Cheri Weller
David and Joan Wendling
TJ and Julia Wilkinson
Philip Willson
Jim and Maggie Woodruff
John A. Woollam
Jack N. Wykoff
Arno and Pam Yurk



To save the blue, we must protect the green

From atop our grassy dunes, the majesty of Lake Michigan stretches farther than the eye can see.  It's difficult to imagine that this fresh water vastness had been fed, drop by drop, from the myriad streams and rivers that course through southwest Michigan.  Those who understand nature's oneness, however, know the Big Lake's well-being relies heavily on the lifeblood of its tributaries.

In turn, the health of natural lands is critical to cleanse and protect our inland waters.  In a real sense, to save the blue, we must protect the green.

Aldo Leopold, the father of ecology, once said, "When we see the land as a community to which we belong, we will begin to treat it with love and respect."  Are you, like Leopold, someone who sees this larger connection and acts generously on its behalf?  We believe you are, and we invite you to become a member of the Blue Green Society.

Membership in the Blue Green Society entitles you to special events and activities and assures you the satisfaction of helping generations to enjoy the blue and green assets of southwest Michigan.

Please join with other distinguished supporters of our community and become a member of the Blue Green Society.


To learn more about becoming a Blue Green Society member and the exclusive events held just for this very special group of contributors, email Peter Ter Louw at or call (269) 324-1600.


To join the Blue Green Society with a check, click here and make a donation of $1,000 or more. Complete and print the form. Check the box for Blue Green Society.  Enclose a check and mail to SWMLC, 6851 S. Sprinkle Road, Portage, MI 49002-9708.


To join the Blue Green Society by using a credit card, click here and make a donation of $1,000 or more.  Include in the comments box that you would like to become a member of the Blue Green Society.