Resources for Land Management


Learn to Recognize Invasive Plants on Your Own Property


One of the best ways to improve the lands and waters of southwest Michigan is to keep your property free of invasive plants.  Invasive plants are very aggressive and out-compete native plants, resulting in a loss of biodiversity.  SWMLC has been working in collaboration with other conservation organizations to fight invasive plants in the Lake Michigan coastal region.

Click here for a guide to help you identify some of the invasive plants often associated with this region.  As always, be sure to accurately identify the plant species before considering control options.



Ecological Consultants


If you would like to conduct ecological restoration activities on your property, below is a list of consultants who may be able to help.


Applied Ecological Services, Inc. 

17921 Smith Road
P.O.Box 256
Brodhead, WI 53520
Tel: 608-897-8641
Fax: 608-897-8486


David Borneman LLC

2750 Newport Rd

Ann Arbor MI 48103

Contact: David Borneman

Tel:  734-994-3475

Mobile:  734-645-8476



Conservation and Design Forum

375 West First Street

Elmhurst, IL  60126

Tel:  630-559-2000



Geum Services

P.O. Box 35
Richland, MI 49083

Contact: Steve Allen

Tel: 269-370-0150
Tel: 269-370-0984



J. F. New & Associates

708 Roosevelt Road
Walkerton, IN 46574
Tel:  574.586.3400

Fax: 574-586-3446
Contact: Sandi Zehner


Native Connections

17080 Hoshel Road

Three Rivers, MI 49093
Contact: Jerry Stewart

Tel:  269-580-4765



Native Landscapes

33081 E. Red Arrow Highway

Paw Paw, MI 49009

Tel:  269-929-3455



Pizzo & Associates

10729 Pine Road
Leland, IL 60531
Tel:  815-495-2300
Fax:  815-498-4406



224 Charles Street
Ann Arbor, MI 48103
Contact: David Mindell

Tel: 734-665-7168
Tel: 734-769-6981


SteinkrausForestManagement, LLC.

Contact:  Jeff

Tel:  269-228-0139



Tel: 269-207-8966

Contact: George Wise



Wildtype Nursery

900 N. Every Road
Mason, MI 48854

Contact: Bill Schneider
Tel:  517-244-1140
Fax:  517-244-1142