Successful Earth Day at KL Ave. Nature Preserve

SWMLC’s Earth Day 2014 event took place on KL Avenue Nature Preserve in Oshtemo Township.  Pfizer’s United Way Day of Caring volunteers teamed up with our Wednesday Warriors who became Tuesday Troopers for the day.  Local residents and preserve neighbors also helped out.

A total of 20-30 people were there at various times throughout the day.  The younger generation was well represented, and gave a parent or grandparent a helping hand.

Volunteers were split into two groups during both the morning and afternoon sessions in order to accomplish a variety of tasks.

In the morning, one group marked trees along the trails with colored blazes.  Another group worked on tidying up the trails by removing debris, leafblowing, and raking.

In the afternoon, one group seeded five acres of recently cleared oak-savanna restoration (see previous Facebook posts) with 180 pounds of seed, while another group cleared a hillside of honeysuckle and autumn olive in a steep area that was inaccessible to the excavators who were out there earlier in the month.

Thank you, everyone, for so generously donating your time and energy to such a good cause!

A shout-out to Jerry Stewart’s Native Connections for their custom seed mix to suit our needs.

[All photos by Nate Fuller.]


The Wednesday Warriors . . .

. . . who became Tuesday Troopers for the day on Earth Day, April 22, will return to Wednesdays next week.  

Check back soon for details on where and when.

Saturday, May 10 Workday

Our May stewardship workday will find us once again at KL Avenue Nature Preserve.

As we progress with our oak savanna restoration, we're jumping into our first year tackling garlic mustard here, preventing it from spreading to newly restored and seeded areas.

We'll see and feel the difference of our work when we have a "weigh in" at the end of the day for the 2014 Stewardship Network Garlic Mustard Challenge, a collective effort to tackle this invasive across the region.

We'll work from 9 a.m. to Noon. Please call our office by Thursday, May 8, to let us know you're coming so we can have enough refreshments for everyone: (269) 324-1600.

* * * Warblers and Weeds Event CANCELLED * * *

Due to a lack of garlic mustard (only because it's coming late this year, not because it's been eradicated), we have had to cancel our morning "Warblers and Weeds" event at Kesling Nature Preserve on Saturday, April 26.

However, the Berrien Birding Club will be birding at two sites on Saturday, April 26.  Click on this link to learn more, and get out and see some birds!

[Photo of Yellow-throated warbler by Scott Manly.]